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The children have thoroughly enjoyed their time working with Clare. They look forward to the sessions and are very enthusiastic when they talk about the dances they are learning. It has been amazing to see the potential and creativity the children have shown which can be rare to see due to the children’s Autism. The children have shown an increase in physical skills, imagination and communication in dancing sessions and the dances /skills they have learnt with Clare have helped and supported their dancing in PE lessons. The outcomes we have see have 100% exceeded what we thought possible when planning the project in September. Clare’s skills and enthusiasm with the children have been fantastic and she has adapted her routines to the needs of our children superbly. She has been an inspiration and has shown us new ways and approaches to teaching dance.
Thomas Bewick Primary
Children are able to recall and demonstrate a range of movements which over the sessions have improved. children enjoy and respect the dance tutors and respond well in these creative sessions. Less involved children have more opportunity to take part or copy more creative ideas.
Hudson Road Primary
Children who have difficulty learning in class have been able to remember facts about the Vikings through dance activity.
Grangetown Primary
One little girl (K) is very shy and reluctant to speak. In most dance sessions she wasn’t keen to join in and we were considering whether it would be best for her not to come. Clare was determined to get K to join in and gave her lots of positive encouragement. In the last 3 sessions K participated, watching Clare, following instructions and smiling. In the last session we asked K if she wanted to dance and she nodded. Dance proved to be a very positive experience for K.
Atkinson road Nursery
The sessions are fun and interactive and aim to encourage all participants - students have the opportunity to take part in a physical activity that may not be available to them otherwise. We have students who visibly gain confidence during the 50 minute sessions, students and their peers can see how far they have come from the first to final steps of a dance piece.
Castleview Secondary School
The workshop was a great success. The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and some even went on to run a street dance workshop themselves with younger students at the school as part of their Arts Award Skills Share. Thank you Dolly for all your hard work.
Chantry Middle School
This term we have had quite a few children who have never took part in any form of dance sessions, and you can see their confidence growing and determination to learn new skills and movements. They also have much more physical development when coming for every session.
Dame Dorothy Primary
We would like to thank our instructor Lucy as she has been professional, energetic and has developed good relationships with our pupils. She has engaged all of our children and made sessions fun whilst also setting high expectations of them.
St Mark's Primary
I have been really impressed with the sessions. When passing through the hall over the half term there has been a clear progression in the skills and the children are really engaged and on task.
Usworth Collier
Lots of positive energy from the class. Well behaved and enthusiastic to participate.
West Walker Primary
Really pleased with how well everyone remembered the steps. Everybody worked hard and were very excited to learn. Worked very well together, very eager to get the dance perfect.
Walkergate Primary
Behaviour and concentration have improved so much.
St Anthony's Primary