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This is a fabulous opportunity for very young children ( reception yr1 and yr2 in this school ) to enjoy a more rounded education through after school provision. I have been amazed at how quickly these children have been taught and remembered routines for dance. It has certainly helped them improve physically and personally.
Our Lady and St anne's Primary
The children in year 3 have demonstrated a greater enjoyment of exercise through dance and I have introduced a 5 minute dance session 3 times a week after registration to continue this enjoyment.
St Cuthburts Primary
The children have thoroughly enjoyed their dance sessions. They have shown lots of progression in their ability to be creative, move creatively and follow direction. They have shown us lots of enjoyment over the past 6 sessions and has given me lots of ideas for better dance sessions especially in terms of their ability.
Thomas Bewick
Good variety of different movement, children enjoyed the sessions.
Canning Street Primary
The children respond extremely well to a type of exercise which they can relate to, the dance teacher is really great at keeping the children engaged and they all actively participate.
Hotspur Primary
Warm ups and cool downs particularly good at giving children the opportunity to vigorously exercise.
Thockley Primary
The project has had a totally unexpected impact across the entire school that has become known as ‘The Hilton Dance Explosion’. I originally thought I had organised an after-school dance club, but this has been the catalyst for the expansion and development of dance across the school. The stage area has been matted and dance mirrors are (hopefully) being installed before the end of term. We are currently planning a ‘Danceathon’ for next half term to raise funds to further develop dance across the school through the purchase of further equipment and resources and are hoping to improve the sound and lighting systems in the hall. All these new opportunities have had a big impact on the children in terms of their confidence, skills, attitudes and behaviour. Children that had been disengaged from PE and sport are now coming to dance on a regular basis, and through the support of their friends and peers have developed the confidence to try new things and perform in front of their friends and even the whole school. Behaviour of some of the older girls in particular has improved as a result as dance being used as a reward, and relationships between staff and these children has improved as they have supported them and often supervised their practices. The children have appreciated the help and support of the staff and in some circumstances dancing has given staff something positive to say to these children that all too often only get negative attention. Overall, I honestly can’t speak highly enough of the entire project and the impact it has had in school.
Hilton Primary
Many of the children enjoyed the Dance workshop they took part in and therefore experienced an increase in positive relationships. Some initially found performing embarrassing but by the final session all children had increased in confidence when performing.
Holy Trinity Primary
South Shields
It involved the boys who thoroughly enjoyed the sessions – many would not have selected to take a Dance class but were surprised at how much they enjoyed it.
Stocksfield Primary
Children who are below average in learning were able to demonstrate their skills and ability in dance and therefore grew more in confidence.
Westgate Hill Primary
Particularly enjoyed watching children with motor difficulties having success!
Newburn manor Primary